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How has being a part of the overall business community in Williamson County helped you?

Williamson County is growing fast! It’s a great place to live, work, and do business because of the growth and also because of the commitment to the history and SMALL-TOWN feel of each of the communities.

Why did you choose to become a member of Williamson, Inc.? How has your membership benefited you?

I became a member of Williamson Inc to meet other local business owners and to build new relationships. I was a new business owner in a city I transplanted to and I wanted to find ways to meet people. I had a good friend tell me about Williamson Inc and after my first meeting, I was all in! I have met so many wonderful people through Williamson Inc. Some have become good friends, some have become customers, some have become Both! I tell new business owners all the time, joining Williamson Inc is one of the best things I did for my business because of the relationships I have built and because of the opportunities provided by the chamber to build them.

Tell us a little about yourself. (Where did you grow up? How long have you lived in the area? 

I grew up in Colorado, actually a fourth generation native of Colorado. I was transferred to Chicago for work and lived there for 3 years. When I was ready for my next promotion, my boss asked where I wanted to live next. I just told him “Somewhere Warm”, Nashville was an opportunity but I had never been here before. My husband and I came to check it out, fell in love, and Williamson County has been home for more than 11 years! If I am not in the office, or at home cooking for friends and family, you will likely find me volunteering! I am ridiculously passionate about giving back to our community. I am so grateful for the opportunities to give back as an ambassador for Williamson Inc, as a member of one our local Rotary clubs, sponsoring local schools, raising funds and awareness for local non-profits, and working as a volunteer with several cancer research and support organizations. One of my favorite things about being a business owner is the freedom to share the abundance I have been blessed with to make the world a better place
How does your background help you excel in this industry?

In college, I worked full time for Marriott hotels. I rotated through almost every department so I could try different things, but the best thing I learned there was world class customer service. Marriott was fanatical about it then, and I still am today. After college, I worked for a mutual fund company because I was always fascinated by how money worked. I was licensed and worked with customers to make investments or make changes in their current portfolio. It was there that I realized my true passion is for helping people, but I was 22 and working 80 hours a week and I was exhausted! I started looking for other finance jobs and Allstate was hiring for financial analysts. I loved the combination of helping people and teaching them how money works, protecting what they worked so hard for! I worked for corporate Allstate for 17 years in finance and sales leadership; analyzing business trends, leading teams and building strategy. I loved my job but I was traveling 80% of the time. In 2017, I decided it was time to be my own boss. I looked at a lot of options but kept coming back to Allstate because I know the company, I know so many people at Allstate, and I know how to help customers better because I more about how things work at Allstate! Every part of my background helps me with every part of owning and running this business.

What sets you apart from the rest?

Everyone needs insurance, but all insurance is NOT created equal! My advice for all insurance consumers is to work with someone who is local in our community. Someone that will take the time to understand what you actually need and make sure that you and your family are protected correctly. We have options for protecting everything important to you including cars, homes, pets, businesses, and most importantly your family and your financial goals. When you call my office, you speak to one of a few people. Not a call center. We are all here, locally in the community. We are a small locally owned business, backed by a major company. We believe customer service comes first. My amazing team and I know that we are blessed with the opportunity to serve the community we all love and call home.




Office #: (615) 599-1911
Cell #:  (615) 509-9896


1014 Fulton Greer Lane #2

Franklin 37064