FRANKLIN-COOL SPRINGS, February 09, 2018 – On February 22nd, Williamson, Inc. is hosting a Business of Entertainment Luncheon discussing the positive economic impact of the entertainment industry on the business community in Williamson County.

In Williamson County, more than 2,200 people work in entertainment, an industry that has grown significantly since 2002. This burst can be contributed to the rise of Franklin’s own Pilgrimage Music Festival, the renovation and grand re-opening of the Franklin Theatre, and the increasingly popularity of music, movie and television production careers in Middle Tennessee.

The industry also attracts thousands of visitors.

“Out-of-town festival-goers and entertainment seekers continue to check into our hotels, eat at our restaurants, and shop at our stores, bringing in dollars for all of Williamson County,” says Matt Largen, CEO & President of Williamson, Inc.

The notable guest panel, composed of Pilgrimage Music Festival co-founder, Brandt Wood, Executive Director of the Franklin Theatre, Dan Hays, and Studio Manager of Paragon|Studios, Lauren Woodward, will be discussing how Williamson County can only benefit from becoming an entertainment destination.

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