The Williamson Business PAC announced its endorsements for the Williamson County School Board Monday morning, saying that they could not make a choice among candidates in District 1 and in District 3.

According to the PAC, the endorsements are the product of lengthy interview and an assessment process of all candidates in every district, and the selections represent the candidates that have the background, temperament and experience that the PAC believes will make great members of the Williamson County School Board.

“Quality public education is key to our community’s overall success, including continued economic development and students that are benefiting from a robust education system,” said Dennis Norvet, PAC Chairman. “This election is critical to making sure we have a School Board that focuses on our students to ensure they are receiving the highest quality of education, and after interviewing and assessing each of the candidates we are proud to make these endorsements.”

The Williamson Business PAC endorses the following candidates for Williamson County School Board:

District 4: Anne McGraw

District 5: Gary Anderson

District:7: Robert Hullett

District 9: Rick Wimberly

District 11: K.C. Haugh

District 1: This race has two strong candidates (Richard Davis and Angela Durham) and after looking at both candidates, we were unable to make an endorsement. Each candidate has demonstrated different skill sets and qualities that could make them a quality school board member. The PAC declines to make an endorsement for this race.

District 3: After assessing each of the three candidates (Christy Coleman, Kimberly Little, & Eliot Mitchell), the PAC believe that while they have unique and different backgrounds, they each possess the temperament and skill set to be a good member of the board. District 3 has three good candidates for our citizens to choose from, and the PAC declines to make an endorsement for this race.

“We owe our kids a high quality public education, and our businesses need a strong workforce,” said Norvet. “Our organization was formed to give the business community a strong voice in ensure we continue moving in the right direction.”

The Williamson Business PAC board underwent an open and transparent assessment process. Every candidate was invited to complete a questionnaire and interview with the board and were then assessed on the candidate’s background, experience, and temperament to serve. The endorsements that came about from the assessment process represent the PAC’s opinions of the candidates that are prepared and capable to help lead the School Board.

About Williamson Business PAC
The Williamson Business PAC was formed in 2016 to support the county’s public education and promote pro-business public policy. More information about the Williamson Business PAC can be found online by