February 14, 2017

Brentwood Home Page
by David Walsh

Williamson County Schools announced Monday night that it purchased land for its next newest school.

At the Williamson County Commission meeting, Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney told the board about the purchase at 9714 Split Log Road in Brentwood. The 85-acre property will be the home to a new elementary and middle school.

“Today I signed a purchase agreement for a new middle and elementary school, and thank you for your support on that,” Looney said to the commission.

The land cost $8.6 million.

“We will be coming to the commission in the immediate future for construction funding,” Looney said.

As reported by the Home Page, the plot on Split Log Road is in the north-eastern part of Brentwood.

It was listed for sale at $12.9 million online. According to the county, the land is owned Marie J. Foster. In the 2016 county reappraisal, the land was given a total market value of $4.14 million.

Last week, Deputy superintendent Jason Golden said they are looking at up to three properties, but in speaking referred to having talks with an owner on just one.

The county authorized $15 million for the purchase, with any extra to go to design and site work.