We are in the middle of an election that will help decide how we fund our most important economic asset, our public schools. Our schools are overcrowded, there are 49 portable classrooms throughout the county, and lunch time starts at 9:45am at some schools. Williamson County Schools added more students than any district in Tennessee over the last 10 years and we are expected to add another 10,000 more over the next 5 years.

There is a proposal to raise the sales tax in Williamson County from 2.25 to 2.75 to pay for much needed school renovation and new construction. The increase will create $23 million per year for 3 years to help fund 25 school construction projects. Beginning in year 4, half of the money generated from the increased investment will be spent to operate our schools and half will go to our cities for things like public safety and roads.  The increase means you would only pay an extra 50 cents on a $100 purchase.

As a community leadership organization, we encourage you to learn more about this important proposal by downloading fact sheets here. We also urge you to join the thousands of other community residents who have already voted in this election. You can find information on hours and locations of polling places here.  Early voting ends this Thursday.

Thank you for making the time to learn more about what this proposal means to the future of our great county. I hope you will make the time to weigh in on this critical plan with your vote. As always, thank you for your investment in Williamson County through your investment in Williamson, Inc.


Matt Largen

President and CEO

Williamson, Inc.