At Mathnasium, learning math is a bit of an adventure.

From games and puzzles to the raw enthusiasm of owner Alex Guppy, one might even say they “love” math after entering the doors of the new business in Brentwood.

The new center even has a sticker to show for it, donning, “I love math.”

A task that might seem daunting to some, Guppy vows math is not difficult once students have a firm foundation of understanding numbers.

Mathnasium strives to do just that, build upon each student’s potential until they reach new heights in math.

“Our mantra everyday is ‘I believe I have great potential in math,’” Guppy said. “We say it out loud everyday. We have witnessed this [a child fulfilling his or her potential] hundreds of times.”

Modestly, Guppy admitted he’s “pretty good at math,” but his record and passion for numbers and numerical concepts speaks for itself.

He majored in math at Kalamazoo College in Michigan, has won numerous math competitions and if he didn’t shut off his electronic devices at night, he’d be up all night solving puzzles and playing number games.

“I have always loved solving puzzles and logical reasoning,” Guppy said. “If a puzzle or riddle gets stuck in your mind, and you can’t get it out, you will probably be good at math.”

Guppy stumbled upon the numbers business after hiking a trail in Chattanooga.

“In 2014, I had just returned from living abroad for six years, and I was camping and rock climbing in Chattanooga,” he said. “As it got colder in the fall, and I contemplated going home to Michigan, I applied for a Mathnasium instructor position on a whim.

“Since then, I have quintupled our enrollments, opened two new locations and bought out my partners. It has been a crazy and amazing five years.”

Guppy emphasized learning is all about tapping into one’s potential.

“I think that a lot of parents are impressed with their child’s potential, and we are able to tap into that here, which can sometimes be challenging in the classroom,” he said.

Even though the center offers games, activities and fun ways to learn, Guppy believes truly “kids just love learning.”

“When they are taught things in a way that makes sense to them, they find that they love to learn and are even surprised at their own potential,” he said.

Guppy also said because math has a logical progression, it’s easy to miss a step and fall behind.

“We are here to help children find what they missed, help them catch up and build upon it,” he said.

Ellen Grimes, assistant director, agreed that when entering Mathnasium, understanding numbers can introduce a whole new world to students.

“We try to get rid of the thought that math is hard,” she said. “It’s puzzles and games, and there is a way to learn it. It’s not scary. We love to show kids how fun it can be.”

At Mathnasium, located at 18 Cadillac Dr. in Brentwood, students will receive one-on-one guidance from instructors skilled in math to bridge the gap between traditional and newer math programs by helping them build computational skills and improve number sense.

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