On November 8, 2019 Leadership Brentwood, a program of the Williamson County Chamber Foundation, will be unveiling one of their most recent community projects. The event will be held at 2:00pm at City Park, Brentwood. Leadership Brentwood provides an educational format that promotes the free exchange of ideas and fosters an attitude of increased participation and commitment within the community. Each Leadership class is divided into teams and engages in a culminating project that enhances our community.  The teams develop a concept, raises the funds to pay for the project, and works to complete the project by graduation in April and present the project to the class and the community.  The funds are typically raised through business sponsors and personal donations.

Team 1 from Leadership Brentwood’s 2019 class brainstormed possible project ideas and ultimately wanted to do something more artistic and trendy that would appeal to all ages of residents and visitors to be an attraction for years to come.  The team agreed upon creating the City’s first public mural that celebrates all that Brentwood offers. The Leadership Brentwood Class of 2019 Team 1 includes:  Darek Baskin, Jennifer Bourne, Jason Holley, Kelly Kirchhoff, Laura Tunnicliffe, Jen Vogus, and T. Jay Warner.

Upon searching for a mural wall, Boyle Investment Company liked the idea and agreed to support the project by donating wall space in the City Park development, off Franklin Rd. at Executive Drive.  The mural wall is adjacent to the sushi restaurant, Suki.  “We appreciate Boyle’s support and feel that this location is perfect for Brentwood’s first mural.  City Park is a vibrant shopping area and very pedestrian friendly.  The mural wall is also at the site of the Brentwood farmer’s market during summer months,” team member Jen Vogus explains.


The LB team brainstormed the initial design concepts, interviewed multiple mural artists, overall costs, and the process of painting a mural while digging deep into how Nashville began its mural process.  They hired artist April James to create a variety of design options.  James is a Williamson County resident and was very open and willing to work through the process of collaborating with Leadership Brentwood, the city, and Boyle. The mural design went through multiple revisions based on feedback from all parties involved before agreeing on the final design.   Team member Kelly Kirchhoff explains, “After spending a year learning about the city of Brentwood through the Leadership Brentwood program, we wanted to include several of the historical sites and landmarks that exemplify our community.” Shortly after approval from the Planning Commission at the beginning of October, James began painting the mural and it was completed last week.


“Our Leadership Brentwood Team is thrilled to have been able to collaborate with Boyle Management, The City of Brentwood, Williamson, Inc., April James, and our sponsors, Mike Umphres, Davita and the Rotary Clubs of Brentwood to bring this  mural to our wonderful city!” says team member Jennifer Bourne.


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