Surrounded by many supporters, the four newly elected Brentwood City Commissioners celebrated their wins at various campaign parties in Brentwood Tuesday evening.

Brentwood citizens elected first-time commissioners Nelson Andrews and Susannah Macmillan to serve, while incumbents Anne Dunn and Ken Travis also were reelected for another term.

While official numbers will not be certified until May 15, records show an almost 13 percent voter turnout, according to the Williamson County Election Office.

At Wildwood Swim and Tennis Clubhouse, Macmillan’s supporters gathered to celebrate her win. Macmillan received 2,436 votes, the most votes out of all candidates.

“I’m amazed at the support of my friends and family,” Macmillan said. “This team has been incredible, and they are the reason I got elected.”

Macmillan credits her supporters to getting additional citizens out to vote, who had not voted in the past.

“I have some amazing supporters who reached out to people who have never been voters, and never been engaged,” Macmillan said. “I feel like those are the people that helped me cross the finish line.”

The voter turnout for the election was 12.82 percent (or 4,047 voters), increasing slightly from the 2017 election, which drew 12.2 percent of voters.

With the campaign behind Macmillan, she is ready to get to work and represent the citizen’s of Brentwood.

“I love Brentwood, and want to keep Brentwood, Brentwood,” Macmillan said. “I want to truly represent the citizens who elected me. I want to do so with integrity, heart and compassion.”

Up the road in Maryland Farms, Nelson Andrews hosted supporters at his business, Andrews Cadillac. Andrews, who received 1,854 votes, enjoyed the excitement at his election party last night.

“I’m more excited about this than ever,” Andrews said. “I look forward to getting started and representing everybody in Brentwood. I’m so grateful for my family, friends and supporters that had confidence in me.”

With a city budget meeting set to take place on Thursday, Nelson said he is ready to learn and start his role as commissioner.

“I’m looking forward to learning more, and learning how to do a good job at it,” Andrews said. “I represent everybody, whether they voted for me, I want to have the chance to speak to them and learn all I can.”

At City Café in the Brentwood Place shopping center, incumbent Anne Dunn said she looks forward to serving with the two newly-elected newcomers. Dunn received 2,099 votes.

“I think the election showed that people want continuity,” Dunn said. “We welcome new blood. These people share of the same principles that Ken and I share, and the rest of the commission shares. I look forward to working with all of them.”

Further down Franklin Road, incumbent Ken Travis hosted supporters at his home on Willowick Drive. Travis, who received the second most votes (2,212), was pleased with the election results.

“I’m very happy,” Travis said. “I think we elected strong candidates tonight. I think they’re going to work hard for the city.”

With a city budget meeting coming up and a new police headquarters in the works, Travis said it will be a busy time for commissioners, but knows they are up for the task because they have “prepared themselves very well.”

“I think we need to see where new people are going to fit,” Travis said. “I think we have to find the best fit for everybody. I don’t think there’s going to be any bumps in the road on that,” Travis said.


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