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Students at Fairview High are making the most of the school’s state-of-the-art mechatronics program.

Last semester, the 59 sophomore and junior students enrolled in the program earned almost 97 percent of the available credits, putting them one-step closer to earning an associate degree.

Mechatronics, a combination of mechanic and electronic engineering, teaches students skills about not only how to build machines but how to repair them as well. These skills can be used as the students enter the workforce after graduating.

Fairview High is the only high school in the state that allows students to earn the 60 credits needed for an associate degree from Columbia State Community College by the time they graduate.

“These students are laying a great foundation for those who follow them,” said FVHS mechatronics department chair Kevin Sizemore. “This opportunity will open doors that may not have been possible before. We could not be more proud of the tremendous work these students are doing.”