August 24, 2016

Franklin Home Page
by Emily West

As of this week, construction crews started moving mounds of dirt on the future site for two new schools in Thompson’s Station.

Contractors are currently clearing the site in preparation for building pad construction and utilities. During the next three and a half months, workers will move soil and rock.

The Thompson’s Station K-8 facility will sit on Clayton Arnold Road, half a mile south of Critz Lane. Costs for the schools came out to $38.7 million with the project already bid and engineered.

The district has yet to name the schools.

Back in the previous fiscal year, the Williamson commission approved an intent to fund the school.

If construction proceeds on schedule, the campus will open in August 2018.

Which students will attend these new schools is still not determined. No timeline exists for for rezoning, but the board may begin some rezoning discussion this fall.

According to the Williamson County Schools five-year capital projects report for 2015-2020, the district still needs just shy of $200 million for new school construction during the next four years for five schools.

Superintendent Mike Looney recently announced the district anticipates 10,000 new students during the next five years.

The Williamson County Commission will vote on the full funding resolution on Sept. 12.

Aerial photos from Williamson County Schools. Ground photos from Emily R. West.