There is an exciting new internship program in Franklin: They are looking for companies to hire college graduates as interns. Fellows work 24-30hrs Monday – Wednesday for nine months.  


The Fellows Initiative is an internship program now in its 14th year designed to mentor recent college graduates in professional internships (in a number of careers from business to non-profit) which help them to better understand their work, the life of the mind, and service to the local church in a seamless theological vocation ( There are currently 20 fellows programs around the US hosted mainly by evangelical Anglican and Presbyterian churches and ours launches this fall.


Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN is starting a new program this fall with a balanced cohort of women and men. There is a great line up of people, ministries, and businesses looking to mentor our fellows including two Vanderbilt professors, pastor and author Scotty Smith ( and the Hutchmoot conference (


The board of Franklin Fellows invites any inquiries.


Information is here: and here


Feel free reach out to the director Michael Armentrout for more information.