After years of population growth, Nolensville is finally seeing an influx of commercial development.

Nolensville Mayor Jimmy Alexander outlined some of the major projects that are in the pipeline at an event for the business community in Nolensville hosted by Williamson Inc. on Thursday.

“We see new subdivisions and people coming to our town on a regular basis. We’re happy with that, but you have to have retail,” he said. “We have some retail. We have some great restaurants now. We’ve got a little bit of retail, but I think it’s moving down Nolensville Road.”

One of the newest projects is a development called South Walk, located along Nolensville Road. It would have about 200 homes and more than 150,000 square feet of office and retail space. Alexander said developers have been talking with the city, and hope to submit plans to the city soon.

“They’ve talked with us. They’re very serious. They’re supposed to have a plan into us for one of the upcoming meetings shortly,” he said.

Alexander compared South Walk to the Market Square project located behind town hall. That project was approved by town leaders, but developers haven’t made much progress since. Alexander said the project isn’t dead and that developers hope to get it moving soon.

In addition, Alexander said a major grocery store is hoping to open a location in Nolensville. He said the deal hasn’t been finalized, but looks promising. He wouldn’t say which grocery store it was or where it would be located because the deal isn’t final yet.

At the north end of town, developers are making headway on the Burkitt Commons project. The project straddles the county line. The Davidson County portion has a few hundred apartments, and the Williamson County side has several commercial buildings.

Some of those buildings are already occupied. The food truck Hoss’s Loaded Burgers recently opened its first brick-and-mortar store in the development. It held a ribbon cutting this week. Alexander also highlighted an upscale liquor store that will hold tasting events for whiskey enthusiasts.

At the event, Alexander also said the owners of the Burkitt Commons project recently purchased the land directly to the south. He said they are planning a new commercial development, but haven’t submitted plans to the town yet.

Commercial development swells following population growth in Nolensville