August 22, 2016

Franklin Home Page
by Emily West

Monday marked the first day of classes on the Columbia State Community College Williamson campus for students enrolled in the first fall semester at the new campus.

The campus had students attend over the summer for coursework, though more take regular classwork in the fall.

Columbia State will have the campus fully wired with more than 400 computers and 120 telephone sets on campus. The wired data network required 93 miles of data cable. The new location will also feature 24/7 security guards and emergency call boxes located in the parking lots with around 800 spaces. Approximately 106 security cameras will monitor the campus.

To promote a more environmentally friendly campus, heating and cooling come from 163 water source heat pumps connected a geothermal field for each building. The campus will also work to remain plastic free. Vending machines contain only glass or aluminum beverage containers except for bottled water. The campus coffee shop supplies biodegradable utensils and serving materials.

Rather than a water fountain, students can use hydration stations to refill their water bottles. Dumpsters are also replaced with recycling units and stations throughout the grounds.

More than 1,000 students will attend on the Williamson campus.