Census will help Franklin get its Fair Share of Taxes our Citizens Pay to State

Special Census Mailers will soon be appearing in Franklin resident mailboxes. The City is seeking an accurate population count to assist in better planning for infrastructure, facilities and services. It also means an increase in the amount of state-shared revenues the City receives. Due to the rapid growth of Franklin, city officials believe the City  should get more revenue from the State.

Census cards will be mailed to every household in Franklin in late September. Residents may also visit the city’s website at www.FranklinTN.gov/2017SpecialCensus to complete a form online. The form takes less than a minute to complete and is very easy to do.

If citizens go online or send back the mailer by October 14, they will not have a census taker come to their door. All census takers will be City of Franklin employees and will wear bright yellow colored t-shirts and have a city identification badge. This is a City of Franklin Special Census, not a Federal Census.

If any resident has any questions or concerns they can email 2017specialcensus@franklintn.gov or call 615-550-6728