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Building a Community

BenefitMall Legacy Chiropractic StatsLegacy Chiropractic is not your normal chiropractic practice that focuses on just your physical pains. Legacy Chiropractic offers a much deeper healing solution. With a modern twist on traditional chiropractic care, Dr. Mark Crowell uses a specific, scientific chiropractic technique that provides patients of any age with the most gentle and reproducible chiropractic adjustments available. It is a mixture of the best-of-the-best systems of chiropractic assessment and care for the 21stcentury. Dr. Crowell with his wife and business partner, Jadrian, focus their purpose on building a community of health via their practice and outreach programs.

“We had a clear vision of what we wanted to offer our patients and community in the greater Nashville area,” said Jadrian. “This meant doing the technique that we wanted to do to best help people with their health so we take an approach that is holistic and family-based without involving the insurance companies.”

“Our customers don’t just come for an adjustment and leave after one or two visits,” she said. “Instead, they become members of our practice and we build out year-long care plans to take care of the current pain and educate them on preventive care.”

Legacy Chiropractic’s passion serves over a 150 members focusing on building a community of health and educating their patients on why they are getting care, changes they can make to live a healthier life and how to get the most out of every day in regards to their health.


Building the Right Foundation

Legacy ChiropracticAs first-time business owners in October 2014, Dr. Crowell and Jadrian were facing many uncertainties and taking huge leaps of faith. Not knowing exactly what direction their practice would be growing, they knew they needed a team of experts to help navigate the maze of business ownership.

“We sat down with our then future payroll rep and discussed the benefits our business would have when choosing to outsource payroll with BenefitMall,” she said. “Dr. Mark and I knew then that we wanted to keep things simple and start off with the right foundation so our business could grow with success, so we went with BenefitMall and haven’t looked back since.”

Jadrian admits that they had heard the horror stories other businesses have faced with different payroll companies, such as getting wake-up calls on payroll taxes not being correctly filed. Above everything else, she and Dr. Crowell did not want to go through a payroll horror story. “We just felt that initial trust with BenefitMall and our payroll specialist and that’s made all the difference.”

“We are thankful that BenefitMall is another great player on our team because we are not trying to be the accountant or payroll expert,” she said. “We are trying our hardest at being an expert in chiropractic care with the support we need to help us run our business properly for even more growth in the future.”


Building Your Team with BenefitMall

At BenefitMall, we believe in pairing top-notch technology with the highest quality of customer service so that you can focus on building and growing your business. We pride ourselves in being a team player for our customers, offering payroll support, HR services and benefit offerings to help them free up their time to focus on what they love. Instead of relying just on a technology/software, you get a team dedicated to your small business and its needs. Learn how BenefitMall can be the team player your business is missing today.


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