Member Spotlight


How has being a part of the overall business community in Williamson County helped you?

The more people you know in your community the more you can grow. The connections and relationships I have made are the best part of being a part of the Williamson County business community


Why did you choose to become a member of Williamson, Inc.? How has your membership benefited you?

When I started my own business i knew that i needed to network as much as I could and joining the chamber was one of the important networking groups that i  knew i had to be part of. The chamber has connected me with some important and crucial people and businesses in the community that i have been able to help or do work for.


Tell us a little about yourself. (Where did you grow up? How long have you lived in the area? ETC.)

I grew up in Bucks County Pennsylvania, about 1 hour outside of Philadelphia. I went to college and got my first degree in Art History and religion at Temple University in 1998. I met my husband Rich, and we married in 2001 and started a family in 2003. During that time i started teaching pottery part time at an art center and had two more kids. I did that for 14 years. In 2015, instead of travelling every week to Nashville, the company Rich was working with offered him an opportunity to move to Tn. So, we packed up the 3 kids, 3 cats and moved to Franklin. I sold me wheel and kiln and decided to re-invent myself in Tn. I went back to school and 2 1/2 years later I graduated with a degree in Interior Design from O’More (now at Belmont). I started Red Triangle Interior Design in May of 2019 and I am loving every minute of it!


How and why did you first get started with your company? Tell us a little about them.

I started my own business because I still needed to drive children to activities and appointments and get forgotten lunches to them at school. I chose the name Red Triangle because when I was growing up we had a really long driveway and my dad built a pyramid with a bench seat in it out of red barn wood. He positioned it so we would be able to see the bus coming and we would be safe in rain and snow. When we were out and coming home I would see the red triangle and know that I was almost home, to a place where I will be safe, I will always be loved. In my design business I want to provide those same elements to my clients.


How does your background help you excel in this industry?

My background in art helps me in the design industry because I am very creative and I think and solve outside of the box. My background in pottery and loading kilns helps me understand spatial awareness and how to maximize a space and what will be put in it and how best to use that space.


Who should take advantage of your services?

I have designed and have started marketing the Back Yard Office. There is a need to solve the issues that have arisen from the WFH phenomenon. Like, kids interrupting, loud pets, deliveries to the front door, working from your dining room table. separating yourself from work and home, and more. The Back Yard Office will allow you to leave your house and ‘commute’ to your office in your backyard. The designs can be built as I have designed or they can be custom built for the individual or company. I work with Archuity architecture and Lotus Building Group to make sure your Back Yard Office will make you be more productive and happier in your WFH life.


How does customer service play into your culture? Why is customer service so important?

I love to make sure I build great relationships with my clients. The ‘why’ i do what I do is relationships.


What organizations have you partnered with and why?

I volunteer for Impact100 Nashville, a group of women from all walks of life who have come together to make a collective and significant difference in our community. We give grants to non-profits every year. I write the newsletter for them. I am the emerging professional with the ASID Tn chapter. I help graduating design students and emerging professionals get their careers started and give them knowledge and support. I also volunteered with the EIC in williamson county school district. I was a mentor for a group




IG:  redtriangleinteriordesign

Office #: 267.421.4239