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Learn more about PACS in our latest Member Spotlight and learn how this female operated HR Firm can help you!


What is Park Avenue Consulting Services? What do you specialize in?

Hayley Shelton, President

Park Avenue Consulting Services is a locally owned, female operated full-service Human Resources firm, offering HR, Learning & Development, Talent, and Team Building consulting services to organizations in Middle Tennessee, with clients in the for-profit and non-profit worlds.

Tell us about the events that led up to where your organization is now. 

Park Avenue was started as a community side project in 2012, and became an official organization in 2017.  Focused on assisting people and businesses within Nashville and other metro areas of Tennessee, PACS also works with local community partners to build resumes, interview skills and other job-focused education in under-served populations. Also, we have developed a very unique service – we write custom mystery games for private events and company team building. Our clients love them, as the games are very creative and fun to play!

Who can best take advantage of your services?

Alli, Arney, Human Capital Manager

Any sized company looking to implement or improve Human Resources strategically within their organization, or a qualified candidate seeking their next mid- to high-level management opportunity. We have a roster of clients ranging from start-ups to 501(c)3 organizations, to major Corporate brands.

What is unique about your organization (what sets you apart from the rest)?

We have adopted an innovative, millennial work-space mindset when it comes to structuring our work days. We work remotely from home on our own schedules, allowing us to put our families first while still accomplishing great work within our careers and for our clients. Our consultants are very flexible, available often, and dedicated to delivering innovative, cost-conscious project plans that emphasize compliance and success.

How has being a part of the overall business community in Williamson County helped you?

Aside from developing great client relationships, we have also developed community partners who are assets in networking, both professionally and personally. We are very excited to work with the Williamson Chamber’s Ambassadors group for “ A Killer Christmas Party” – a office party-themed murder mystery game, taking place during their actual holiday party.

Why did you choose to become a member of Williamson, Inc.? 

As natives and lovers of Nashville, we have experienced the incredible comradery that is unique to Williamson, Inc. members, making it obvious that this is the Chamber for us!

Given your expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice (general or specific) can you offer to the readers?

Human Resources is an ever-changing field. There are constantly new laws developing that change compliance factors for businesses. Technology is also ever-evolving, changing accessibility and costs related to hiring new team members. PACS has solutions that are designed to be sustainable, and friendly to your bottom line. Whether utilizing us or your own HR expert, we encourage every business to make sure that they are current in their policies and procedures, to ensure their profitability and reputation doesn’t take a hit in 2019 with areas of liability exposure, fines, or other people-related costs.

How can readers take advantage of your services? How can they get involved?

Whether or not you know what your company needs in regards to compliance, Learning & Development, or Talent, we’re happy to set up a free consultative meeting to discuss your needs further.

Business contact information (phone, address, website, email, etc.):

Phone: 615-538-7054


Email: or

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