Member Spotlight

Padgett Business Services has been helping small businesses in Middle Tennessee since July 2003. Learn more about what they credit their success to and how they can help you in our latest Member Spotlight!


Tell us a little about Padgett Business Services. Where, when and why did you start?

Padgett Business Services in Brentwood is a franchise based out of Athens Georgia. The Brentwood/Franklin office is owned by Gregory A Lemons CPA since July 2003. Mr. Lemons was a former Chief Financial Officer and Controller for Fortune 500 companies for over 23 years before starting the Brentwood/Franklin office servicing small business and individuals.

What events have led to where PBS to where they are now?

The growth we have had since 2003 has been being involved with the community and networking with other business owners and individuals. Part of this was through working and being involved with the Williamson County Chamber so we are excited about coming back as a member.

What does it mean to you to have a “high level of service with a personal touch”?

Accurate financial reporting and income tax filings along with communicating regularly with business owners. As a CPA I typically see or talk with my business clients on a regular basis every month and if the client has any questions they can call me personally with no fees from me. We encourage our clients to communicate with us on any issues or possible implications of decisions they may be contemplating about their business and one way to encourage that is to not charge when they call. Our fees for monthly business clients are a once a month flat fee so they know their budget.

How does customer service play into your culture? Why is customer service so important?

Customer service for us is all about providing proactive financial, accounting and tax solutions so that business owners can succeed. Padgett enjoys watching and growing with our clients.

Who should take advantage of your services and when?

The best time to work with a CPA firm is before you start a business as we can educate the new business owner as to tax deductibility of business expenses as well as guide them into the best entity structure for them and how they should get paid and taxed. This knowledge is extremely important so that they do not get into tax issues in the future and lets them focus on building their business.

Even if they do not seek us out before starting the business we are always getting new clients that need to get their books cleaned up or as their businesses grow decide to outsource to professionals so they can avoid mistakes in the future and spend that time saved to manage their business

What sets you apart from the rest?

Small business owners are typically over charged and under serviced by larger accounting firms. The reason for this is that they prefer the mid level to larger businesses as they typically bring in much higher fees. We are staffed and focused only on small business so our fees and services are structured toward the small business owner

How has being a part of the overall business community in Williamson County helped you?

The people and business climate in Williamson County as well as Tennessee is excellent for most businesses .

Why did you choose to become a member of Williamson, Inc.? How has your membership benefited you?

The Chamber has been there over the years and has helped our business and our clients businesses as well so we felt like it was a good time to become a member once again.

Given your expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice (general or specific) can you offer to the readers?

If you are considering going into business for yourself talk to us and let a CPA help you determine what type of entity structure you should be as we as go over all the tax implications as well. In addition a good CPA firm will teach you what your business can deduct for expenses and how to track them.

Business Contact Information (phone, address, website, email, social media…etc.)

Gregory A Lemons CPA

1726 General George Patton Drive

Brentwood, TN 37027