Member Spotlight

How has being a part of the overall business community in Williamson County helped you?

It’s wonderful being part of a group that is so supportive and welcoming. I’ve experienced countless instances of community members helping and supporting others. it’s inspiring and motivating.

Why did you choose to become a member of Williamson, Inc.? How has your membership benefited you?

The networking opportunities and being a member of a leading local business organization were immediately attractive benefits of Williamson, Inc. membership. Some of the key membership benefits include: Opportunities to connect with other local businesses, the Williamson, Inc. staff does an excellent job with connecting us to people and opportunities to support and grow our business, through live and virtual events, I love learning about amazing local businesses and non-profits.

How and why did you first get started with your company?

I purchased menu maker in 2018. at the time, I was working as a corporate event planner and was looking for a new challenge. A mutual friend connected me with Menu Maker’s founder, who was interested in selling the business.

How does your background help you excel in this industry?

My professional background includes event planning, marketing, and the visual arts, which are all helpful in creating memorable culinary experiences. When we’re catering an event, we think about every aspect of the guest experience. We consider how catering fits into the overall plan for the event, and how things look and how guests will interact with food. The food has to taste amazing and look amazing, so we’re constantly thinking about creative ways to present everything.

Who should take advantage of your services?

Of course, the easy answer is everyone! HOWEVER, to clarify: Menu Maker is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys delicious food and extraordinary service.  If you’re planning a wedding, a special celebration, an office lunch or a holiday party, give us a call.

How does customer service play into your culture? Why is customer service so important?

As a hospitality company, extraordinary customer service is the cornerstone of how we do business and why we do business. We’re only as successful as our last event, so we work tirelessly to ensure every event is a success and every customer is a thrilled and happy customer. We have high expectations that we’re constantly working to exceed and it translates into our customers’ and their guests’ experiences working with us.

What organizations have you partnered with and why?

We regularly partner with many different organizations. We love supporting local organizations and helping them achieve their goals. Some of our current collaborations include working with Healing Housing on a family meal fundraiser ( and providing freshly prepared snacks for the Field at Franklin Drive-in Movie (

Given your expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice (general or specific) can you offer to the readers?

Even with the uncertainty and craziness of living during a pandemic, it’s important to celebrate and connect with others. Find creative ways to make some wonderful memories. The key is celebrating safely while considering and prioritizing everyone’s health and comfort.






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Menu Maker Catering & Events is an award-winning catering and events company with a reputation built on years of delivering distinctive catering to those seeking exceptional service, delicious cuisine, and professional execution. Menu Maker provides full-service catering, event planning, pick-up and delivery services to the greater Nashville metropolitan area and throughout middle Tennessee. With a passion for creating delicious food and exceptional events, Menu Maker works with corporations, small businesses, community organizations and individuals to produce memorable experiences including corporate events, weddings, meetings, fundraisers, launch parties, and social celebrations. Menu Maker’s knowledgeable staff are experienced event specialists who work tirelessly to create extraordinary custom event experiences. Learn more at and connect with us on social media.