Member Spotlight

This week we sat down with the recently announced 2021 Leadership Brentwood class and asked “What do you hope to gain from participating Leadership Brentwood?


“I am looking forward to being part of Leadership Brentwood for several reasons.  Most importantly, I hope to achieve leadership experience which will help me better give back to the Brentwood Community. Additionally, I hope to gain inspiration from my peers, make new friendships and grow both personally and professionally from the experiences we have.”

-Amanda Baron

“Through Leadership Brentwood, I hope to be able to grow both professionally and personally, nurturing deeper connections and finding ways to serve our city.”

-Melissa Allen

“One of the biggest things that I hope to gain from my Leadership Brentwood experience is the opportunity to further enhance my leadership abilities both from a personal and professional level through open dialogue with my classmates, community leaders and alumni. ”

-Dick Cassidy

“As we all are living through key moments in our history I am looking forward to engaging with other leaders in a group setting to reflect on the past and have dialogue about thoughts on the future of Brentwood. The opportunity to learn more about what has made the community special and how to keep that momentum moving forward is very important to me.”

-Josh Stewart

“Through Leadership Brentwood, I hope to make a meaningful impact on the people and places around me by being informed of the needs surrounding me and having a deeper understanding of the work within the Brentwood community.”
-Sydney Ball

“I hope to gain better Leadership Skills as well as different Leadership Skills from Leaders throughout the Brentwood Community. I look forward to gaining more knowledge about Brentwood’s History and culture. I also look forward to gaining knowledge on how these Leaders throughout Brentwood got to their position of Leadership throughout the community. I also eventually would like to go into politics, so I’m very excited to meet with the Political Figures in February of 2021. I look forward to hearing their stories on what made them want to get into politics and hear about many of the obstacles they face on daily bases.”

– Alex Hill

“I hope to learn how the chamber, local businesses, local government and other organizations can work collaboratively to maintain and enhance the wonderful sense of community we all benefit from working and/or living in Williamson County.”

– Kevin Ault

“I hope to gain a better understanding of what has historically made our community great and how I can contribute my time and skillset to guarantee the future growth for years to come. ”

– T.C. Gray


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