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In our latest member spotlight, get to know entrepreneur and consultant, Don Klein. His most important piece of advice to you, “Dream. Dream Big. Find ways to let go of the false beliefs you have about your potential that are restricting your growth.” You won’t want to miss this one!


What is your organization and how/why did you start your organization?

Don Klein Consulting was started little over 5 years ago, in January of 2014. After more than 20 years in public relations, advertising and marketing communications in the agency environment, and 16 years as the CEO of a major trade association, it seemed like a good idea to package and market that experience. The purpose of sharing it is to help organizations harmonize their leadership efforts and realize considerably more of their potential.


Who should take advantage of your services? Why?

Don Klein Consulting serves both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. Any organization desiring to grow, but feeling stuck at a current size or in a current routine is who we help. Board of Directors development, senior management coaching, strategic planning – and implementation – are some of the most popular services we provide. Changing the culture of a business is no small task, but the results are very affirming and rewarding.

Tell us about the events that led up to where your organization is now.

When Don Klein Consulting was launched, much of the work was centered on professional associations. Some of it still is. Being a contributor to ASAE’s Associations Now publication and a certified strategic planner for the National Association of REALTORS has certainly helped.  However, as a result of networking connections and business relationships, the variety of companies we serve now ranges from professional services firms (i.e. CPAs) to industrial companies, along with nonprofits (both charitable and professional organizations) at the local, state, national and even international levels.

What is unique about your organization (what sets you apart from the rest)?

Don Klein Consulting’s approach to working with clients is to help draw out from leadership their clearly articulated purpose, vision and mission and build plans around accomplishing that – followed by real implementation. Creating real ownership of the planning process results in deeper desire to follow-through. That is what makes us most effective.

DKC has been in business for 5 years, to what do you credit your success?

Two key words. Listening and relationships. Listening is what provides understanding so the right ideas, creativity, and recommendations to be provided. Sometimes that means listening to a board. Sometimes it means senior management. Other times it is staff. Often it means all of them – since they may not be doing a good job of listening to each other. Once that happens, a foundation can be created that opens a path to improvement and achievement. Relationships means communicating clearly and directly, establishing mutual professional respect and trust. That allows for real progress to happen.

How has being a part of the overall business community in Williamson County helped you?

Williamson County is fortunate to be the most vibrant business environment in Tennessee and among the most successful in the nation. Being a part of it – largely through my involvement at Williamson, Inc. – has opened many doors for new business opportunities. And, it has allowed for my voice as a small business person to be joined with others to be sure that our interests are represented in the community and related government bodies.

Why did you choose to become a member of Williamson, Inc.?

Williamson, Inc., is an outstanding professional resource. The volunteer leadership and staff clearly understand and embrace their purpose and the quality with which they do their work is commendable. It is large enough to make a difference, yet personable enough to encourage networking and relationship-building for anyone who chooses to engage. It has certainly be a valuable resource to Don Klein Consulting.

Given your expertise and the nature of what you do, what advice (general or specific) can you offer to the readers?

Dream. Dream Big. Find ways to let go of the false beliefs you have about your potential that are restricting your growth. Use an objective, experienced source who can help you see past your present circumstances and help you realize more of the potential of your business.

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