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“A treehouse is where stories are told, imaginations run wild, lifelong friendships are made. It’s the meeting spot for making and launching big plans. Every treehouse also has to be custom built to fit the uniqueness of every tree.”

At DigitalTreehouse, Scott Mcintosh and his team specialize in creating a customized online presence for your organization that elicits emotion and raises awareness. With over 10 years of experience with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and online marketing, Scott partners with his clients to help them foster their growth, become more successful and gain a more faithful and consistent following.

Scott knows what it takes to build an organization from the ground up, because he is an entrepreneur at heart. Having started various organizations himself, Scott understands the importance of having an online presence in today’s world.

The first organization that Scott started specialized in SEO and was later acquired by a local healthcare company. After the acquisition, Scott stayed on with the company to ensure the success of the merger. Scott soon became a Jack-of-all-trades with this healthcare company and left to pursue another venture, one that would allow him to work for himself again and to personally help clients succeed.

At DigitalTreehouse, Scott and his small, but mighty team focus on the clients’ wants and needs. From there Scott makes his own recommendations on what he would do to build an online presence if it were his own organization. Meeting with each client allows the team at DigitalTreehouse to understand the client’s current customers and desired customers, what people currently are driven towards and what the client wants people to be drawn to.

Scott knows that each organization is like a tree and each one grows very differently. Each one has different online marketing needs. So, Scott created a list of all the major online marketing strategies from SEO to email marketing to paid social advertising along with straight-forward pricing. Scott then helps clients choose the best strategies from the list to help accomplish a client’s goals. Asking each client, “what experience do you need to grow your business?” Scott then helps his clients choose the services that best encompasses that experience, whether it be eliciting an emotion, strengthening perceived product reliability, rebranding…etc.

Once the chosen strategies are implemented, the DigitalTreehouse team continues to work with their clients on a monthly basis to oversee, monitor and if necessary, change the strategies chosen. The success of the client is the true goal and staying on until desired results are achieved successfully guarantees that.

At DigitalTreehouse, they do not put themselves in a box with the type of clients they work with. Scott and his team work across a wide range of industries, services and products offered. Some clients are just starting out and have no online presence whatsoever. From there, DigitalTreehouse can come in and start from the ground up. Some clients have a product or service that just needs to find its niche. From there, DigitalTreehouse can reignite their online marketing plan and offer new helpful tips and tools to increase awareness and customer engagement.

Fun, creative and tech savvy are a few of DigitalTreehouse’s key values, meaning that no matter who you are you are not going to get that generic cookie-cutter experience. The team at DigitalTreehouse is constantly finding new and improved ways to increase their clients’ online presence and keep it pertinent to today’s world.

Scott’s advise for any entrepreneur or business savvy individual? Know the importance of having an online presence. Your online presence must resonate with people, eliciting an emotional response that makes them care about your organization. In your first year of starting a business or working for an organization, be responsive and flexible. Never make a client wait for you and have the flexibility to be available for your clients whether through phone or more importantly, face-to-face meetings.

If your organization is struggling to understand the importance of having an online presence or just cannot seem to create a sustainable online plan, talk to DigitalTreehouse, they are responsive, engaging, flexible and ready to help any organization grow their business.

You can find them online at, follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or give them a call at 800-980-7116.