The quality of Williamson County’s public and private school systems remains our top economic driver. The P-12 School System in Williamson County is among the very best in Tennessee and allows young families unparalleled educational and extra-curricular opportunities. Post-secondary options abound in the Nashville region, from our brand-new Columbia State Community College campus in Franklin, to nationally recognized institutions like Vanderbilt and Belmont.


Williamson County Schools has approximately 41,000 students enrolled in P-12 for the 2019-2020 school year. There are 48 schools: 10 high schools, 10 middle schools, 27 elementary schools, one K-8 school.

The district’s graduating class of 2019 posted an ACT composite score of 25.3, which is well above the State’s average composite score of 20. WCS ranks first in Tennessee among districts with more than one high school.

An educated workforce is integral to a prosperous business environment. In addition to Williamson County’s lauded P-12 schools, the Nashville region boasts many prestigious colleges and universities, and an estimated 60% of post-secondary graduates remain in the region after graduation.




“With the explosive population growth in Williamson County, and therefore in the student enrollment in Williamson County schools, we are continually faced with the challenge of funding new school construction and existing schools, staff and programs to meet the needs of our students. The County Commission, School Board and I remain committed to providing the best possible opportunities for the children of Williamson County.”

-Rogers Anderson, Williamson County Mayor


From 2012 to 2016, Williamson County welcomed many new residents from across the country and around the world. The greatest number of residents relocating domestically are from large metropolitan regions across the U.S., including Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Chicago.

Internationally, during the same time period, Williamson County welcomed nearly 1,000 people from Asia, 200 from Europe, and nearly 200 from South and Central America. 58% of Williamson County residents were born outside the state of Tennessee, evidencing people from many different regions have become comfortable calling Williamson County home. As the county and region grow, this migration helps cultivate our diverse metropolitan area.