September 26, 2016

Brentwood Home Page
by Corey Little

Williamson, Middle Tennessee, again show lowest unemployment

Middle Tennessee Counties once again turned in the lowest unemployment numbers in the state, with Williamson County’s 3.7% rate as the lowest.

Davidson was close behind with 3.8 percent, and Maury was at 4.2.

The state preliminary unemployment rate for August was 4.4%, with 138,300 unemployed workers out of a labor force of 3,130,500, according to figures released last week by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

West Tennessee had seven of the highest counties for unemployment, but the highest rate was 8.0% in Hancock County, in East Tennessee along the Kentucky state line.

Williamson County listed 4,070 unemployed workers out of a labor force of 111,000, with the 3.7% rate up .1% from July, but down from 4.1% in August of 2015.

Among Williamson cities with 25,000 population or more, Franklin showed 1,410 workers unemployed of its workforce of 40,360, or 3.5%. Spring Hill listed 680 of its 18,700 workforce unemployed, or 3.7%, and Brentwood had 840 workers of its 21,060 workforce unemployed, for a rate of 4.0%.

Nationally, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate is 4.9%, unchanged from July but down from 5.2% in August 2015.