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What is a Student Internship?

Student Internships are situations where students work for an employer for a specified period of time to learn about a particular industry or occupation. Non-paid experiences are limited to nine weeks within a specific job title, but students are encouraged to rotate through multiple placements, which may be at the same work site with different job responsibilities. Students’ work-based activities may include special projects, a sample of tasks from different jobs, or tasks from a single occupation. A student internship provides a student the opportunity to study a program directly related to his or her career interest and to participate in a workplace setting by performing duties related to the occupation being studied. Internships are intended to be short-term activities and are designed to meet the needs of students regardless of their focus of study. The major purpose of the internship learning experience is for the intern to receive broad instruction in workplace expectations; confirm, narrow or expand choices of career interest; develop an understanding of the connection between school-based theory and content and work-based applications; and increase awareness of the workplace, career opportunities and community resources.

Advantages to the Employer:

  • Develops a good community-school relationship.
  • Provides a pool of well-trained potential full-time employees for the local labor market.
  • Encourages young adults to stay in Williamson County.
  • Aids students in accepting civic responsibilities within the community.
  • Contributes to the stability of the local work force.
  • Reduces the unemployment quota.
  • Contributes to the total economic growth of the community.
  • Reduces the dropout rate by providing relevant occupational training and financial advantages.
  • Supplies motivated part-time employees in situations not requiring full-time employment.
  • Allows control of personnel training for potential full-time employees.
  • Enables the employer to become an active participant in the programs of Williamson County Schools.
  • Yields high employment stability and high job satisfaction.
  • Establishes a convenient transition from student to full-time employee.

**The quality of the student depends upon the intent and understanding of all persons involved.**

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Be aware of the objectives of the Summer Internship Program.
  • Interview and select a student for employment.
  • Provide early and thorough orientation of the student to job duties and responsibilities.
  • Work with the WCS coordinator and the student in developing a training plan.
  • Provide feedback to the WCS coordinator on job performance through telephone calls or on-site visits of the WCS coordinator.
  • Provide adequate supervision on the job.
  • Complete a written evaluation jointly with WCS coordinator each grading period.

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