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 Franklin, TN – The TMA Group and Clean Air Partnership, joins Williamson County, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the observance of Air Quality Awareness Week. The goal of the week is to deliver the message that everyone across the country can protect their health by paying attention to local air quality.  Air Quality Awareness Week kicks off Air Alert Season—April through October.  These are the months in which unhealthy air quality days are most likely to happen in Middle Tennessee.

Business and residential citizens alike are encourage to become “aware about air” during the week, and each day highlight a different outdoor air quality topic:


Cycle Sunday:  Ride your bicycle to places you would normally drive your car.  Get some fresh air and save some gas.


Alternative Mode Monday:  Use alternate modes of transportation.  Consider riding transit or joining a TMA VanStar commuter vanpool.


Ride Together Tuesday:  Carpool to as many locations as possible.  Riding together decreases the amount of dust and emissions in the air.


Walk Somewhere Wednesday:  Walk to nearby locations instead of driving.  Increasing the number of steps you take will improve your health.


No Drive-Thru Thursday:  Avoid the drive-thru and go inside to order your food, coffee or prescriptions.  You’ll reduce exhaust emissions from your idling car.


Fuel After Dark Friday:  Hot temperatures and gasoline fumes create ground-level ozone.  Refueling your vehicle later in the evening reduces air pollution.


Sweep It Up Saturday:  Sweep your driveway, patio, or deck, instead of using a leaf blower.  And what about using a rake in the yard?  Get some exercise and breathe in fresh air while you burn a few calories.


Throughout the year there are days when air quality could pose potential health risks such as asthma and lung problems in certain populations due to weather conditions, high ozone levels, or other impairments. Air Quality Awareness Week aims to educate people across Williamson County about what causes outdoor air pollution, what people can do to protect their health when air quality is poor, and how they can reduce pollution by making simple choices in their daily lives.


The Clean Air Partnership is a public outreach initiative of The TMA Group that coordinates the Air Alert Day program and educates all citizens about making environmentally-aware choices, the effects of air pollution, as well as promoting the use of alternate modes of transportation.  To date, 135 Clean Air Partners with over 18,000 employees are participating. Partners notify employees of Air Alert Days, and distribute materials about commute alternatives such as carpooling, vanpooling and mass transit options.


To find out more information about the Clean Air Partnership of Williamson County, contact The TMA Group at (615) 628-0254 or go to The TMA Group is a regional leader in customizing environmentally friendly, multimodal transportation solutions for employees and communities.



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