Check out the activities of the Williamson County Fair:

Interactive Activities (Available all week long)

  • TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency) Laser Shooting Range-Kids get to try their skills at a laser shootings range. Promotes awareness about safety and wildlife (1-6’, 2 chairs)
  • Germ City-Participants place a germ-like gel on their hands and then walk into a black light tent to see the potential germs on their hands. They then place a sanitizer on their hands to see how well they sanitized. (1-8’,1 chair)
  • Wood Stamping-Participants are given tiles of wood to creatively stamp and stain their own designs. Stamps are done with hammers and specially designed nails. (2-6’, 8 chairs)
  • Plant a Seed-Participants will learn how to properly plant a seed. Get to take a plant home. (2-6’, 1chairs)
  • I Ate a Bug– Participants are challenged to eat a chocolate covered insect. (1-6’)


STEM Activities

  • Engineering with Paper Challenge (How do Columns Hold Up Buildings) – Youth are given paper and differing sizes of books. Goal is to design a paper columns that can handle the most weight.  Winner recognized each day. (1-6’)
  • Make Your Own Stethoscope (Heartbeat Stethoscope STEM Challenge)– Kids can make their own stethoscopes, listen to and time their heartbeats, then test whether jumping in place for 20 seconds increases their heart rates. (1-8’, 4 chairs)
  • Birthday Binary Code (Birthday Binary Code Bracelets and Key Rings) – Kids can create a customized accessory that uses binary code to represent their birthdays. (1-8’, 4 chairs)
  • Blast Off (Build and Launch Your Own Rockets) – Kids can design their own rockets and launch them using straws. Kids can compare how different launch angles affect the distance the rocket travels and how folding the rocket differently affects the glide and landing. (1-8’, 4 chairs)
  • Egg Drop Challenge (Engineering)-Participants will be challenged to build a case using materials provided that will protect an egg when dropped from 10 ft. (1-8’, 4 chairs)
  • Popsicle Bridge Building (Engineering) – Participants will be challenged to design and build the longest bridge using the materials provided. (1-8’, 4 chairs)
  • 3D Rocket Challenge– Participants will be provided with a variety of preprinted 3D rocket parts. They will piece together a rocket that they think will fly the farthest and then launch.  A viewable 3D printer will be printing rocket parts as youth participate.  Youth will get to interact and participate in rocket design (2-6’, 2 chairs)

Interactive Activities (Day and time dependent)-See schedule for specific times and days

  • Home Depot Kit Building-Home Depot will provide kits (birdhouses and a few others) for participants to build on each Saturday. (10-8’, 40 chairs)
  • Lego Free Build Contest– 6 Teams (up to six members per team) will be given identical sets of Legos and a set time. Challenge will be to build a fair themed project.  Projects will be judged a prizes given to winning teams.
  • Lego EV3 Robotics Challenge (Home) – Registered participants (Up to four members per team) will all be given the same specific challenge. Participants will design their own Lego EV3 to complete the challenge.  Participants will bring their robots to the fair to challenge fellow participants to complete the task.  Prizes will be awarded to winning team.
  • Lego EV3 Robotics Challenge (Fair) – Registered participants (Up to four members per team) will come to the fair to receive their EV3 challenge task. Participants will be allotted a certain amount of time to design and build their robot.  Then, youth will try to complete the task in the given time. Prizes will be awarded to winning team.
  • Cupcake and Cookie Decorating-Participants will get the opportunity to design their own cookies and cupcakes from professionals
  • Spaghetti Marshmallow Build– Participants will be challenged to design and build the tallest freestanding structure. Contest rules will be provided and prizes awarded.
  • Suck a Bug– Join us and learn about all the ‘Creepy Things with Beautiful Wings’ that frequent many Tennessee backyards, vegetable gardens and flower beds. We will construct a simple aspirator to use to collect and observe small insects
  • Middle Tennessee Electric Demonstration– Participants will get to see and learn about the power of electricity through a live micro city.
  • Healthy Bug Contest– Participants will get to build healthy snacks that resemble insects.


Static Displays (Activities that will be stationary the entire week)

  • Embryology Display– Display that will show live chicks be hatched in an incubator. Display will also have a live feed.
  • Living Plant Wall– See how to creatively design a living wall from materials at home.
  • Giant Insect Exhibit– Displays of giant insects and where they originated. Also, section on landscape pests and how to control. (4-6’)
  • Cookie Stacking Challenge-Daily Contest to see who can stack the most cookies. (2-8’)
  • Coloring Station-Youth get to color and take home activity sheet.
  • Photo Booth-Participants get to dress up in a variety outfits for a photo backdrop
  • Letter Writing Booth-Participants write a letter to a servicemen
  • STEM Robotics– Displays showing different robotics projects kids can participate in. (1-6’)
  • STEM CSI– Displays showing different STEM activities kids can participate in. (1-6’)
  • STEM Engineering– Displays showing different Engineering activities kids can participate in. (1-6’)
  • Green Cleaning-Display showing different green cleaning products you can make at home. (1-8’)
  • Plunko– Plunko game for participants who can answer a variety of questions. Prizes awarded. (1-8’, 1 chair)
  • Bean and Fiber Display-Participants learn about the importance of beans in a daily diet. Contest with prize for guessing the number of beans in a jar.
  • Poison Display– Display shows a variety of poisonous materials and live creatures that kids may be susceptible in their daily lives.
  • Ruminant Digestion Display– Kids get the opportunity to stick their hands in a model section of each of the four parts of cow’s stomach. A video will also show the live microbe activity that takes place in each animal.
  • Watermelon Contest– Youth get to see who can spit a watermelon seed the farthest. Youth can also guess the weight of a watermelon.  Prizes to be awarded for both. (1-6’)
  • TWRA Wildlife Trailer– A mobile display of wildlife in Tennessee. (1-6’)
  • Rest and Revive– A beautiful horticulture landscape area (provided by Color Burst) will sit in the center of the village to offer weary fairgoers a place of relaxation.


Demonstrations (these will take place in the interactive area of the village)-Time and day dependent

  • Fairy Garden Construction– Learn to construct your own miniature fairy garden, which plants are best to use for indoor and outdoor gardens, and where to purchase plants and accessories.  The first 25 “youth” gardeners will be able to take home their own miniature fairy garden.
  • Straw Bale Gardening– Participants will learn how build their own garden without digging in the ground. First participants will take home a kit.
  • Concrete Leaf Molds– Learn to make your own concrete leaf casting (mold) from local Tennessee trees and plants. Leaf castings are a great way to learn about tree ID and they also make great decoration for the landscape or garden bed. The first 25 “youth” gardeners will be able to construct and take home their own leaf.
  • Square Foot Gardening– Learn how to grow a low maintenance, weed free garden filled with beautiful flowers, luscious vegetables and fresh herbs. Square Foot gardening takes the hard work out of gardening, allowing you and your little ones the time to focus on the harvest. No heavy digging, watering, weeding, thinning or over-flowing beds. What’s left is a productive, well-kept and colorful garden.
  • Green Cleaning– Learn how to make your own environmentally friendly, cleaning products from ingredients at home. First participants will receive a kit.
  • Lego Robotics EV3– Be amazed by the capabilities of Lego with demonstrations of EV3 robots.
  • Ag in Classroom-Fun activities and demonstrations that highlight agriculture.
  • STEM Science– Experience science in a whole new manner.
  • Poultry Talk– A series of talks that answer the questions that puzzle many of the owners of backyard chickens.


The demonstration are fluid as this point.  We are still working on exact times and specifics for each demo.