As part of the recent Mobility Week in partnership with Williamson Inc., Franklin Tomorrow announced an effort to conduct walkability audits of neighborhoods in the City of Franklin and assemble that information in a report to the City of Franklin.

Franklin City Administrator Eric Stuckey said of the effort, “The Capital Invest Priorities include $250,000 per year for ‘sidewalk gaps.’ This will be helpful in identifying potential projects.” Download the walkability audit form on Franklin Tomorrow’s Website at under the News category. You can conduct a walkability audit of your street or neighborhood and then submit it to Franklin Tomorrow at as a means of addressing concerns regarding pedestrian safety and mobility in the your neighborhood. It is easy to complete and a fun family activity, but remember, safety first! Also, please attach any narrative regarding your experience in the body of your email.

The City of Franklin is currently building a multi-use trail on Highway 96 West from Carlisle Lane to Freedom Middle School and Vera Valley Drive. There are plans to extend that trail all the way to Ninth Avenue, according to Paul Holzen, Franklin’s engineering director.

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen has also approved construction of a sidewalk on Highway 96 East/Murfreesboro Road from Mack Hatcher Parkway to Pinkerton Park. This project is expected to begin construction soon.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact Franklin Tomorrow Executive Director Mindy Tate by email at or phone at (615) 794-0998.

Franklin Tomorrow would like receive your walkability audit by Oct. 5.