Huntington Learning Center of Brentwood offers online teaching sessions to help students avoid ‘COVID-19 slide’ 


Huntington Learning Center of Brentwood is now offering a virtual platform for students to receive academic help and guidance from a live teacher. HuntingtonHelps LIVE is a program that brings Huntington’s 40-plus years of in-person tutoring experience directly into families’ homes, computer to computer. As part of the nation’s leading tutoring and test prep provider, the locally owned Huntington Learning Center has been helping students from Williamson County and south Davidson County stay on track academically, while staying safe with social distancing.

“For the last six weeks, we’ve been utilizing our virtual learning platform to help students who want personalized one-on-one instruction with a live teacher,” says Brian Telford, owner of Brentwood Huntington Learning Center. “Now summer is approaching, our busiest time of the year, and academic experts are projecting that learning loss will be even more significant this year because of the additional two months away from school. ‘Summer slide’ is becoming ‘COVID-19 slide’ with even greater losses expected in both reading and math. We want families to know that we are here to help, whether virtually through HuntingtonHelps LIVE, or in our center on Seaboard Lane when it is safe to reopen our doors.”

To avoid an academic slide and ensure children continue learning while school is closed, personalized online tutoring sessions can fill the gap and assist in continual learning. Consider weekly personalized online tutoring sessions to fill the gap. Benefits to consider:

  • Online tutoring will help children adapt. Very little about the way children are learning right now is completely familiar and comfortable. And for students who were struggling with one or more subjects already, learning from a distance creates frustration. Teachers are doing their best to deliver a great education to their students and adjust to this new method of instruction, but there will be bumps in the road. The more you can ease this transition—especially when you are busy working from home and trying to manage the household at the same time—the better for your child.
  • Children will learn what they need to finish the school year strong. There is no doubt that online learning makes it more difficult than ever for school teachers to personalize their instruction for each student. It’s important that your child has what he or she needs to successfully complete the grade. Skill gaps take effort to close, and tutoring can help.
  • Learners will be prepared for next school year. There are plenty of challenges with the current online learning arrangement for students, but a big one is that many will fall behind. Supplemental tutoring will meet your child where he or she is and ensure your child isn’t missing essential skills for next year. Tutoring will identify your child’s weaknesses and offer your child a plan to improve them quickly.
  • Children will improve their skills in tricky subjects. If children were getting low grades in any subjects before schools closed, they’re still dealing with those issues now. Focusing on strengthening your child’s sense of responsibility, specific subject-matter knowledge and study skills will benefit your child while he or she is learning remotely—and in the future.
  • Tutoring puts this time to good use. If there is one thing students have more of right now, it is free time. By no means should children sit in front of computers all day long studying, but the hours of the online school day are significantly shorter than a normal school day. With a little extra effort and a customized program of instruction, you could help your child make gains during this time.

Individualized instruction, even a little a day, will help your child mitigate learning loss, build skills and confidence, and feel optimistic about starting the school year in fall 2020.

Huntington Learning Center teachers are available for virtual sessions Monday through Saturday. To learn more, call 615-376-8000 or visit

About Huntington Learning Center of Brentwood

Huntington Learning Center of Brentwood has helped students from Williamson County and south Davidson County since January 2008. Their certified teachers work with students K-12 providing individualized instruction in phonics, reading, writing, homework help and study skills, elementary and middle school math, Algebra through Calculus, Chemistry and other sciences. They offer standardized test prep sessions for a variety of exams including AP, ACT and SAT. Huntington programs develop the skills, confidence, and motivation to help students succeed and meet the needs of Common Core State Standards. Brentwood Huntington Learning Center is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Founded in 1977, Huntington’s mission is to give every student the best education possible. To learn more, call 615-376-8000 or visit The center is located at 95 Seaboard Lane in Brentwood.