Thompson’s Station, TN is one of the most active towns in Williamson County. Two fitness startups in Thompson’s Station have found their niche and followers within the budding communities.

Barbell Voodoo owned by Roy Mangrum produces one of a kind t-shirts, tank tops and workout equipment. They draw their inspiration from the most unlikely and iconic faces like The Golden Girls, Mr. Rodgers and Beavis & Butthead.

Roy and his Barbell Voodoo family support gyms and events in and around the Nashville area and beyond.

AirGym, a fitness app that allows home gym owners the ability to rent out their home gyms to verified members launched two years ago. Founder Chris Daskam says “Home Gyms are the future of safer environments to workout in, with less intimidation.”

In the near future, on the way home from work… you’re going to pass 20 AirGyms and you can see which one makes the most sense for your schedule and workout,” Daskam said.

The two companies have collaborated on a Barbara Walters shirt with a play on how she pronounced her last name with her catch phrase from the hit show 20/20… “I’m Barbara Wodwa (a Wod is a “Workout of the Day”) and this is 20/20.” The shirt features a mask, symbolic of the times we are all living in now.

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