Representatives from the TrueNorth Nashville branch and First MainStreet Insurance (FMSI) announced this quarter that TrueNorth Nashville will be adopting the First MainStreet Insurance name to further enhance their client experience and presence in the Nashville market.

“The switch from TrueNorth to FMSI allows us to really focus on our specialty of providing employee benefit expertise to our clients.” says Partner & Benefits Advisor, Lou Hoop. “The FMSI platform is flexible and allows for better market specialization.”

Recently moving into a new building in the Brentwood area, Lou Hoop and team will further its growth with the acquisition of the Nashville employee benefit practice of Hylant. The Hylant team of benefit specialists will be joining forces with the previous TrueNorth branch to expand the employee benefit practice footprint in the Nashville market.

“The Hylant team brings a shared common vision and commitment to their clients that resonates with FMSI,” says advisor, Lou Hoop. “We’re excited for what the future holds for our growing team on this new platform.”
“We are honored to have these teams join the First MainStreet family and to expand our presence in the Nashville community. Our desire to work with like-minded agencies brings a sense of confidence to these strategic partnerships and will allow us to continue to develop and assist the current team members, provide positive client experiences, and deliver opportunities that may not have been possible in the past. We are excited for what lies ahead of us.” – Dru Bridges, EVP, First MainStreet Insurance

First MainStreet Insurance is an affiliated business unit of TrueNorth Companies and focuses on smaller agencies to perpetuate their business while maintaining a local presence and legacy within their communities. FMSI currently has 14 locations spread out across the state of Iowa and one in Tennessee. Collectively, these locations leave a strong geographic footprint and have access to many of the best insurance markets in the industry.