Residential trash cans and recycling bins are disgusting. They’re full of things that can make you sick, they stink, and nobody likes cleaning them so these problems get worse over time.

Matt Barber had had enough of this problem, so he discussed cleaning options with his wife and friends. Other than driving in with garden hose and full hazmat, there were no good solutions for cleaning their bins. With more internet searching, Barber stumbled across a trash bin cleaning service. The only issue was that these services were all in other cities, not here. After discussing the problem and the opportunity with his business partner and fellow trash bin stink hater, Kevin Cecil, they decided to take action and provide this service to Middle TN.

TriStar Bin Cleaning was born out of necessity. You wash your car, floors, kitchen, furniture, and bathrooms. You clean all these things before they get so dirty that you can’t stand them. Trash bins should be no different, and proper sanitization should be easily achievable.

TriStar Bin Cleaning provides that service for Williamson County residents. TriStar employs a highly specialized, purpose built truck that cleans, disinfects and deodorizes dirty trash bins right at your curb using only high-pressure, 200 degree water. This eco and pet-friendly process safely eliminates the harmful germs living in your bins while capturing and responsibly processing the water used.

“We love this community and this is a service we want to provide for our neighbors,” Kevin Cecil, TriStar co-owner and longtime Williamson County resident said. “It’s not a luxury, it’s a necessity.”

TriStar Bin Cleaning offers one-time cleanings and subscription options to fit every budget, and there are no contracts or long-term commitments required. TriStar is also offering discounts for service members, veterans and first responders.

Complete details about this unique service, along with frequently asked questions and pricing information can be found at

TriStar Bin Cleaning is locally owned and operated by families invested in the community.

  • Matt Barber and his family live in Murfreesboro. A family of unicorns (all middle TN natives), he and his wife are active in the community. You can see them at the soccer fields with the kids or around the neighborhood on their golf cart. They strive to make Rutherford County a better place to live.
  • Kevin Cecil and his family live in Arrington. While his wife and kids can claim full unicorn status, Kevin has only been a Williamson County resident since the 1980’s. They have long been active in civic and faith-based organizations and love being part of this vibrant community.