Leadership Franklin has selected alumnus Tom Lawrence as this year’s recipient of the Caroline J. Cross Award.

As a Williamson County native, Lawrence is best known for his time at Franklin radio stations WFLP, WIZO, and WAKM. After he and his partners sold WAKM in 2017, he continued on the radio as the host of the “Hometown Radio Show.” He is also a Community Liaison at the Franklin branch of Landmark Community Bank. An active board member for Leadership Franklin, Lawrence joined the class this year as the facilitator for the caucus sessions that are a part of each program day. He treated the class with letters before each program day, get togethers to discuss their experience with Leadership Franklin, and a special gift of a book from his private collection.

The Caroline J. Cross Award was established to honor Caroline J. Cross, Founding Executive Director of Leadership Franklin, and create an ongoing award that identifies a leader in the community who exemplifies the values and lessons of Leadership Franklin. This award was created as the class project by Dan Klatt, Charles Pareigis, Chris Clausi and Brandy Blanton in 2007. Criteria for nomination include leadership that motivates and inspires other individuals along with traits of creativity, character, dedication, and community service. Each year’s class submits nominations and selects an individual who makes a true impact in the community.

Past recipients of the award are: Jimmy Gentry; Rogers Anderson, Leadership Franklin Alumnus (LFA); Julian Bibb III, LFA; Scott Roley, LFA; Janet Keck; Alma McLemore; Rick Warwick; Emily Magid; Paige Pitts; Dr. Joseph Willoughby; Mary Mills and Judy Hayes; and Brandy Blanton, LFA.

Leadership Franklin is a non-profit organization originally founded in 1996 to develop leadership and community engagement to further a vision for Franklin and Williamson County. For more information about the organization, visit www.leadershipfranklin.org.