Join us May 4th starting at 6:30 p.m. for our JCS Nashville Songwriters Night at Arrington Vineyards featuring Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame performer, Richard Leigh. Dinner will be provided by Taziki’s Mediterranean Cafe and complimentary wine throughout the evening. Tickets are $75 with proceeds going to combat injured heroes of Middle Tennessee. Donations and tickets can be purchased online at

The Joshua Chamberlain Society (“JCS”) is a grass roots, 501(c)(3) federally tax exempt charity that was formed with the mission of providing long term support to veterans from local areas that have sustained permanent combat injuries fighting the long war on terror for our nation. It also provides long term support to the children of local veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice in our service. Founded in St. Louis Missouri it has now expanded into a second chapter serving the Nashville Tennessee area. Each chapter runs independently so donors know their contributions stay with their local JCS Heroes. The Nashville chapter has adopted 7 heroes so far.

Their first adopted hero, Cpl. Jeremy Voels, was shot by sniper fire in 2010, that entered his lower back and exited his upper chest, which would change his life forever.

Their second adopted hero, Cpl. Josh Meetze was injured in Afghanistan in 2011 when he stepped on an IED leaving him with internal injuries, damage to his spine, and traumatic brain injury.

Sgt. Franz Walkup was their third adopted hero, who had been shot five times in 2012 by Afghan National Army Soldiers while serving in the Wardak Province of Afghanistan.

Their fourth adopted hero, Lance Cpl. Malone, was deployed to Afghanistan in 2004. After one year he returned home for a few months but was then deployed to Iraq where he served until his Humvee was ambushed and blown up. Chris suffered numerous internal injuries, burns, loss of one leg and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

CW3 Jeremy Miller, JCS’ fifth adopted hero was a U.S. Army Kiowa Warrior Instructor Pilot. He was deployed four times to Iraq and two to Afghanistan. On one of those deployments he was in a helicopter crash which ultimately caused vision problems and many other complications resulting in his retirement from service February 28, 2017.

Their sixth hero, Sgt. 1st class Ofren Arrechaga was deployed 3 times to Iraq. When he returned home for R&R he and his wife, Seana, welcomed the birth of their new son, Alston, into the world. Shortly after, Ofren then returned to Afghanistan for his final deployment. Not long after Alston’s 3rd birthday, just one month before Ofren was due to return home, two soldiers in dress uniform arrived at the Arrechaga’s home in Clarksville, TN to deliver the worst news imaginable, “The Secretary of the Army regrets to inform you…” Ofren paid the ultimate price and was killed in action by small arms fire during the 101st’s largest mission since Vietnam, Strong Eagle III.

As of February 2019, JCS Nashville adopted their 7th hero, Cpl. Eli Tice. Three months into his first deployment, in 2010, he was on a security patrol approximately 1 kilometer from our patrol base when his squad decided to search and secure a nearby compound. Unknowingly they had entered an IED trap that took his right leg, thumb, and a considerable amount of muscle tissue from his arm and left leg.

JCS Nashville  has supported each of these heroes’ lives and their families’ lives over the years and will continue to do so throughout the rest of their lives.

“Years and years after these heroes have suffered grievous and permanent injuries, we want the veterans and their families to know that the citizens in their community still honor and recognize their enormous sacrifice they made for our freedom,” said President of JCS Nashville, Don Ross. “As their injuries or death is permanent, so is the support that we provide.”

“Our Songwriters Night is about more than just having a great time,” said Ross. “It’s about being thankful for our freedom, supporting, honoring, and raising funds for these extraordinary heroes and their families.”