Who are you? The Business Owner, Corporate Partner, IT Director, or Responsible Person required to protect your customers’ personal information? What value do you place on the destruction of confidential information when recycling hard drives on computers, servers, or laser printers?


How would you respond IF a merchant informed you that your credit / debit card information had been compromised due to a data breach when you made an everyday purchase such as food (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), gas, or groceries?

Reality: Recently the U.S. Treasury Department has issued a major fine to Morgan Stanley for improper management of drives.



Data Destruction Initiative includes

  • Up to 10 hard drives completely destroyed and not DoD wiped or sanitized
  • Certificate of Erasure & Destruction; where appropriate we provide a picture, time of destruction, and serial number of each destroyed hard drive for audit purposes
  • IT equipment recycling also includes LCD monitors (there is charge for any CRT monitor)
  • Customers are required to sign a Confidential Data Destruction Agreement
  • A HIPAA Business Associate Agreement is available upon request

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