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The Williamson County Election Commission has created a new voting precinct to accommodate continued growth in the south Franklin and Thompson’s Station areas.

Voters who reside in the areas south of Goose Creek By-pass and north of Thompson Station Road East in the subdivisions of Bridgemore Village, Fields of Canterbury, The Pines, Pecan Hills, McLemore Farms, Callie, Goose Creek Estates and other adjacent areas in the Second (2nd) County Voting District will now be voting at Precinct 2-5, the Conduit Church, located at 1642 Lewisburg Pike near State Route 840.  Residents in this area previously voted at Precinct 2-3 Oakview Elementary School on Henpeck Lane. Voters residing in these areas will be mailed new voter registration cards no later than May 31, 2016.  This location will be opened and used beginning in the August 4, State Primary/County General Election and in the November 8, 2016, Presidential Election.