Solution Selling One Day Workshop

Over 1 million sales professionals, all over the world, rely on the Solution Selling® sales process and methodologies to differentiate themselves, not only by what they sell, but by how they engage with customers. For more than two decades, Solution Selling® has been the definitive approach for moving from selling products to selling and marketing high value solutions.

Recent independent research has demonstrated that companies that invest in Solution Selling® realize measurable, year-over-year sales performance improvement, including higher individual quota attainment, higher team quota attainment, increase in average deal size, and improved time to productivity.

Solution Selling Topics covered in the workshop:

  • How and why buyer behavior has changed, making them more empowered than ever before
  • How successful sellers, including the best of the best, align effectively with empowered buyers to produce consistently high results
  • The three sales roles, or “personae,” needed to align with buyers, and when to employ them
  • How to develop a personal brand built on situational fluency and expertise
  • How to connect with early-stage buyers by using both social selling and traditional prospecting methods
  • How to engage in valuable sales conversations that help buyers develop a clear vision of solutions to their problems
  • How to collaborate with buyers to co-create and agree on solution value
  • How to mitigate buyer’s perceptions of risk, in order to help them make a confident buying decision
  • How to negotiate and close business while minimizing discounts and concessions
  • How to evaluate sales opportunities and determine their quality
  • How to implement and apply the principles of Solution Selling® on an ongoing basis

Facilitated by:  Crinda Francke, ExecuTrain of Kentucky

Crinda Francke is President and CEO of ExecuTrain of Kentucky, with over 20 years of sales experience. Having worked with hundreds of Kentucky organizations to design, plan, and deliver their employee training programs, Ms. Francke has been involved in all aspects of employee development. Her vision has taken ExecuTrain from a company that focused on basic computer training into an organization that creates custom learning solutions.

Ms. Francke has been honored in the President’s Club of ExecuTrain Worldwide each year since 1998 and has consistently been at the top of the sales organization for ExecuTrain Worldwide each year. Former ExecuTrain system President Ross Stonecipher says of Ms. Francke, “With an entrepreneurial spirit and strong customer focus, Crinda and her team provide world class learning services to organizations of all shapes and sizes.”

Conducting Solution Selling Workshops around the country since 2010, Crinda is certified through Sales Performance International, the creators of Solution Selling ®.


Full Course Listing


Date Day of the Week Campus Location Class
8/8/2017 Tuesday Williamson Solution Selling
9/6/2017 Wednesday Williamson Excel Part 1
9/7/2017 Thursday Williamson Word Part 1
9/8/2017 Friday Williamson PowerPoint Part 1
9/14/2017 Thursday Columbia Crystal Reports 2016 Part 1 (Day 1)
9/15/2017 Friday Columbia Crystal Reports 2016 Part 1 (Day 2)
9/18/2017 Monday Columbia Solution Selling
9/19/2017 Tuesday Williamson Customer Service
9/20/2017 Wednesday Williamson Excel Part 2
9/21/2017 Thursday Williamson Word Part 2
9/22/2017 Friday Williamson PowerPoint Part 2
10/3/2017 Tuesday Williamson Excel Part 1
10/4/2017 Wednesday Williamson Word Part 1
10/5/2017 Thursday Williamson PowerPoint Part 1
10/6/2017 Friday Williamson Communication Skills for Leaders
10/10/2017 Tuesday Williamson Solution Selling
10/11/2017 Wednesday Williamson Crystal Reports 2016 Part 1 (Day 1)
10/12/2017 Thursday Williamson Crystal Reports 2016 Part 1 (Day 2)
10/18/2017 Wednesday Williamson Word Part 2
10/19/2017 Thursday Williamson Excel Part 2
10/20/2017 Friday Williamson Customer Service
11/7/2017 Tuesday Williamson Word Part 1
11/8/2017 Wednesday Williamson Excel Part 1
11/9/2017 Thursday Columbia Communication Skills for Leaders
11/10/2017 Friday Williamson PowerPoint Part 1
11/13/2017 Monday Columbia Solution Selling
11/14/2017 Tuesday Williamson Word Part 2
11/15/2017 Wednesday Williamson Excel Part 2
11/16/2017 Thursday Columbia Customer Service
11/17/2017 Friday Williamson PowerPoint Part 2


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