Definition Dental Studio in Nolensville thanks the military with free exams, x-rays, cleanings, and extractions on Thursday, October 10


What would it be like to miss your child’s first birthday, their first steps or their high school graduation? What if you could not talk with your spouse or family for weeks at a time? What if you didn’t know if a family member was safe? For most of us these situations are rare, however, for those in our military and their family members they are part of their daily life.

“Our men and women of our Armed Forces make great personal sacrifices in order to secure and protect our freedoms,” said Dr. Robert Martino, founder of the Freedom Day USA event. “Their families have endured hardships and some have given all they have so that we may live in peace – free to pursue our dreams. Let’s join together to say, ‘Thank You’ for their sacrifices and for our freedom, by giving them a Day of Free!”

On October 10, 2019 businesses across the United States will join in Freedom Day USA, a national Thank You Movement for the members of our military and their immediate families, along with Veterans. Each business participant is providing a thank you gift, in the form of free services, goods, discounts, and various other offers. Locally, Definition Dental Studio, a veteran owned Cosmetic General Dental Practice, has partnered with our Freedom Day USA to present free exams, x-rays, cleanings, and extractions to those who serve or have served our country. A complete list of local participating businesses and the services they are providing can be found on

To learn more about this National Thank You Movement you can visit or the event’s Facebook page at The services provided to our country by these ladies and gentlemen are very much appreciated.