First Presbyterian Church of Franklin is about to unveil their new Pipe Organ, Casavant Fréres Limitée Opus 3938, on Tuesday morning, October 27 in the Sanctuary. There will be a great deal to see coming off the semi-truck and filling the church, beginning at 8:00 a.m. and continuing into the afternoon. Originating with the church’s Capital Campaign five years ago, this has been an ongoing project since that time.  Construction of the organ, portions of which date from 1910 and some imported from France, began last year in the Casavant workshop in Montreal Quebec Canada.  Containing 1,515 pipes, ranging in size from the length to the size of a pencil to a full sixteen feet, the new instrument will rise twenty-six feet into the air and fill the west end of the newly renovated sanctuary.  Casavant, a world-renowned builder, has been in business since 1879 counts over 4000 organs on five continents on their opus list.  Recently, Casavant completed the new organ for Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D. C., as well as a new instrument for Brick Presbyterian Church in the city of New York.