Complete Hard Drive Data Destruction & Computer Recycling Sponsored by Portis, Inc.

This event is being sponsored to help businesses stay compliant by properly destroying hard drives with their customer’s confidential information that was entrusted to them when no longer needed.

We are members of NAID, Donelson Hermitage Chamber of Commerce, and Williamson County Chamber of Commerce.


Dates: October 6th, 7th, and 8th.

Times: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.


Drop-off Service Only

Call Parker at (615) 747-7097 to schedule a drop off time.


Event Cost – $250.00 Per Drop-Off (Box Truck or Smaller Vehicle)


Event Services:

Complete Hard Drive Destruction includes a Certificate of Destruction (limit 50 hard drives)

A HIPAA BAA & Confidential Data Destruction Agreement are available upon request

Computer Recycling includes (without a limit):

Computers, Network Equipment, Mobile Phones, PCI Cards, Copiers, LCD Monitors, Laptops, Keyboards, Tablets, Barcode Scanners, Fax Machines, Flat Screen TV’s, All-In-Ones, Mice, Processors, Hard Drives, Routers, Cords, Servers, Mother Boards, Office Phones, Memory, Battery Back Ups, Modems, Ink & Toner, Blades, Phone Systems, Printers