Public expectations for businesses have never been greater as society shifts towards expecting companies not only to manage regular business activities but also to serve a social purpose.  Columbia State, Franklin, TN is offering a new program – Sustainable Business Administration Certification.  This course will equip participants to play effective roles in the expanding arena of sustainability. The program will provide the knowledge and skills that will prepare participants to shape solutions to sustainability challenges, whether those challenges are social, environmental or fiscal.

The Sustainable Business Administration Certification program is specifically tailored to working professionals at any point in their careers who are looking for a cost-effective and meaningful way to differentiate themselves in the marketplace and to avoid the high cost of similar programs.

Whether you are looking for a competitive advantage, an opportunity for growth in your current job, or chance to move into a career in sustainability, this program has the information you need to get started.

Answering the following questions may help you decide if the Sustainability Business Administration Certification program would be right for you:

  • Does your current company engage in sustainability initiatives on a corporate level?
    • If so, this Certification will provide you with the knowledge you need to engage in those initiatives.
    • If not, this Certification could provide the fresh view to differentiate you in the workplace.
  • Have you seen and read articles or information about sustainability but don’t know how sustainability fits into the business perspective?
  • Would you like to engage more fully in sustainability efforts in your organization or serve as the catalyst that could spark your organization to begin on a path to sustainability?
  • Could you use a competitive edge in the marketplace to differentiate you from the sea of other candidates for open positions?

Please see the attachment for schedule, course description and instructor biographies. Give me a call if you have any questions or other ideas how best to promote this opportunity in Williamson County.

Register here:  Columbia State Registration- Sustainability Business Administration