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City of Franklin uses “Ghostbusters” theme to fight Grease!

The “GreaseBusters” Educational Campaign aims to Fight Blockages and Reduce Overflows.

Franklin—The City of Franklin Water Management Department is using a little humor to bring awareness to a serious topic, blockages in the sewer pipes that can cause overflows.  With the release of the remake, and summer blockbuster, “GhostBusters,” the city has created the “GreaseBusters,” to educate citizens about household items they could possibly put down the drain that can hurt the sewer system, and possibly cause blockages.


The city has created graphics, videos and a webpage with lots of information at  The four videos talk about the dangers of grease, food scraps, flushable wipes and items that may be put into storm drains.  The message will be disseminated on the City’s social media sites, and will air on Franklin TV, as well as be viewable on the City’s website.


“This is a great way to reach out to citizens who potentially put items down the drain that can cause blockages,” said City Administrator Eric Stuckey.  “We can use this website and videos as part of our Sewer Overflow Response Program.  We can also take this program into schools and public events. Kudos to our Communications and Water Management team for coming up with a fun way to educate our community.”