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By Wendi Pelfrey, Business Engagement Specialist, Williamson, Inc.

Williamson, Inc. is proud to present its inaugural Meet-A-Member blog post.  This series will introduce you to businesses and spotlight their staff, services and what they’re doing in the community.  Get a behind the scene look into the business’s history and the individuals that founded the company.  In this edition, meet David Galbraith from visual fx.

Tell us a little about yourself. 

I grew up in Northwest Indiana, attended Indiana University and married into the South 42 years ago (my wife is from Kentucky).  We moved to Brentwood in 1987 and fell in love with Tennessee the day we moved in.

Tell us about the events that led up to where you are now.

I started on the road when I was 19 years old selling apparel with Munsingwear and Jantzen Sportswear.  After 20 years I did a brief stint with Fruit of the Loom and decided to start my own apparel business and moved to Tennessee.

What is your business and how/why did you start your business?

Visual fx is a promotional products company that creates custom apparel and promotional products that help our clients grow their brand and their business.  I worked for two large companies for 20+ years and sold close to $40 million in apparel.  It was a good living, but I knew that my upside was limited.  My goal was to start a business that would stand the test of time and provide long-term growth and stability.  I started the business in 1994 and have been running hard ever since!

What is unique about your business? 

What makes visual fx unique is that we focus on results, not selling a product.  Our core focus is to create powerful promotions that result in a strategic return on investment that is verifiable.  Simply put, we help our clients make more money.

 Tell us about recent changes to your company.

This is our 3rd rebranding initiative, and it was a result of clarifying one simple mission:  Our focus is creating ideas and promotions that lead to a healthier bottom line for our client’s marketing investment.  We rebranded in May and have received amazing feedback from our clients with a substantial increase in meeting with prospective clients.

Why did you choose Williamson County to open your business? 

Williamson County has the best of everything.  The best school system (four kids through Scales, Brentwood Middle and Brentwood High), phenomenal parks and recreation system, super-friendly people and a business environment second-to-none.

In your own words, why is it great to do business in Williamson County, TN? 

Williamson County has blessed our family and our business.  The business community embraces quality products and services which is the foundation of our story.  It’s a unique community that is small enough that you know your neighbors but big enough to offer everything that you hope for to raise a family and a business.

What advice can you offer to other businesses?

I would recommend that you be genuine and authentic.  People do business with people and when you’re up front and honest it creates an environment for a long-term relationship.

How can readers take advantage of your products and services? 

Our best offer is simple: Invest 30 minutes of your valuable time to sit down face-to-face.  We’ll discuss your goals and dreams and we’ll take stock of where you’re at, which will determine how we can help.

Visual fx is located at 9471 Dalton Court, Lower Level #100, Brentwood, TN 37027 or find them online at visual-fx.netDavid Galbraith can be reached at 615.370.9343 office and

Wendi Pelfrey tells the story of Williamson Inc. business partners through blogs, social media and other communications channels as the Business Engagement Specialist.  Her passion is assisting individuals and businesses in finding the right resources to fulfill their goals.  If you’re interested in being featured in an upcoming Meet-A-Member spotlight email Wendi at