Anthem Republic, a digital marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Franklin, TN will host its fourth ReHash: A Social Media Morning event on Wednesday, August 1. The agency announced this month’s special guest is Randy Brewer, founder and executive producer of Revolution Pictures. Brewer has cultivated 20 years of experience in all aspects of visual storytelling for iconic brands including Verizon, Adidas, and H&M.

This month’s topic will spotlight the importance of crafting your brand on social media through the use of visual storytelling. Learn how Brewer continues to provide the best-in-class branded content, network promos, feature films, music videos, documentaries, web videos, and animation. Leave knowing how to effectively utilize visual storytelling in your social content, and bring your ideas to life.

“Video has the power to tell strong, complex stories on social media, and it has quickly proven to be a valuable tool for brands to use on their platforms. We’re so thrilled to have a guest who has worked to create powerful and impactful stories for such globals brands. We want to give our audience the best experience to learn and shed light on what it takes to tell stronger stories with video,” said Austin Fredrich, Director of Digital and Social Media.

Social media is constantly changing and it’s important that businesses and marketing professionals stay updated on the latest trends and strategies. ReHash was created to educate business professionals from all backgrounds on how to effectively use social media in their industries and keep them on top of their social media marketing game.

Rehash will begin with a roundup on newsworthy topics that are currently happening in social media and will go on to cover top social media stories, examples of how larger brands are managing their platforms and takeaways for smaller businesses.

“If our audience can take away at least one piece of valuable information that they can apply to their brand’s social platforms, we know that we have done our job in educating our community on the evolving world of social media,” Fredrich said.

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