BrightStone ensures that its students are active both physically and in their community. Their adults with special needs annually attend Ensworth’s Sports Day program, a one-day event on Ensworth’s campus. During this highly anticipated annual adventure, Ensworth coaches and students provide a unique resource to the special needs communities in Middle Tennessee. BrightStone students are given the opportunity to learn skills that apply to soccer, bocce, volleyball, basketball, and a wide number of other sports on Ensworth’s beautiful campus.

Community partnerships like this are essential for BrightStone’s mission of benefiting adults who live each day with intellectual and developmental challenges. They meet the needs of their students holistically. Daily wellness activities include trips to the Franklin Athletic Club and onsite yoga classes. BrightStone also has a full-time nurse on staff and a contracted physical therapist who provide the oversight to monitor their physical well-being and provide support wherever the students’ activities take them.

BrightStone is so grateful for all the community partnerships that join in the mission of transforming the lives of these precious adults with special needs. If you would like more information or get involved, please visit to learn more about their variety of opportunities or to schedule a tour of their program.

All proceeds benefit the adults who attend BrightStone who live each day with intellectual and developmental challenges. BrightStone’s mission is to provide a comprehensive work, social support, and future residential community for adults with special needs, expanding their potential and helping them develop mentally, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. To learn more about BrightStone and their vision, please visit their website at or call 615-790-4888.