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Williamson County Schools Funding Proposal

A Plan to Keep our Schools Great and our Property Values Strong

Early Voting: January 17 to February 1
Election Day: February 6

For additional information on when and where to vote, please click here. 

One of the many ways we are a leader in Tennessee is through our education system, which serves as both our economic foundation and a regional economic development asset.  Companies are driven to Williamson County because of our talent and talent is driven to Williamson County because of our schools.  It’s really that simple.  If you want a strong economy, make sure you have strong schools.

In the next few weeks, voters will have a chance to keep Williamson County Schools among the best in the nation when they go to the polls for a critical sales tax referendum. On November 13, 2017, the Williamson County Commission unanimously passed a resolution calling for a referendum to levy an additional sales and use tax in Williamson County. Williamson, Inc. has created fact sheets that explain the school funding plan and how schools across Williamson County will benefit. We encourage you to download and share these fact sheets across social media platforms and check this site frequently for updates.





 The future of our county’s economic success depends on a “yes” vote.

  • A “yes” vote means we will continue down the path of investing in our children and our schools.
  • A “yes” vote will create an average of $23 million EACH year for 3 years to renovate, expand, and build schools.
  • A “yes” vote means after year 3, half of the new money goes to operate those schools and half goes to cities for services like public safety and roads.

The funding plan for Williamson County Schools plays an integral role in maintaining the economic vitality of our community.  We urge you to head to the polls in early 2018 and vote FOR this plan to fund our first class school system.

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